Mi. 04.09.24
im Rahmen von Ars Electronica Festival und 24-Stunden-Geburtstagsfest

BruQner – The Sound of Entanglement

Section of a quantum technological composition with inserted representations of a physical formula description and section of a staff.

The second quantum revolution as a musical spectacle in Linz's Mariendom:

Lasers, mirrors, polarisers, non-linear crystals - an experimental set-up from the high-tech lab in the middle of the Mariendom (New Cathedral) in Linz. Entangled photons - the quanta of light - become the conductors and direct Bruckner's Perger Prelude in a way no human being in the world could manage.

Two resounding church organs play live filling up the sensational acoustic space of the Cathedral. BruQner provides us with a new perspective of our reality - a world premiere!

Notes on the event:
- The event will be held in English on this day!
- Use of fog fluids!

Accessible for those with impaired mobility:
Limited wheelchair access, some assistance is required.

Admission free!

A project of the Upper Austrian KulturEXPO Anton Bruckner 2024 in cooperation with Ars Electronica and with the kind support of LIT-JKU, VCQ, University of Innsbruck, TU Wien, SFB - beyondC and Stadt Wien Kultur.

Clemens Wenger | musical direction

Enar de Dios Rodríguez | Artist, visual design

Martin Ringbauer | exp. physicist, University of Innsbruck

Johannes Kofler | theor. computer science, JKU

Richard Küng | theor. computer science, JKU

Alexander Ploier | theor. computer science, JKU

Benjamin Orthner | exp. physicist, TU Vienna

Philipp Haslinger | exp. physicist, TU Vienna, Project Management

Wolfgang Kreuzhuber | Organist

Gerhard Raab | Organist

Cathedral Square 1 4020 Linz Details & Tickets

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