Do. 05.09.24
bis Fr. 06.09.24
Innenstadt Linz
Internationales Brucknerfest Linz 2024

Bruckner aus dem Stegreif

Stegreif Orchestra © Iken Keune
05.09.24 17:00
06.09.24 17:00

Flash mobs and pop-up concerts

Since 2018, the consistently implemented conceptual and programmatic reorientation of the International Bruckner Festival Linz has been accompanied by a return to its namesake and a clear commitment to this composer, whose work has never been regarded as the museum content of the festival, but always as the subject of a lively debate. The series of events with (pop-up) concerts, sound installations and performances established in 2019, which took place on the 'bridge days' between the birthday concert on 4 September and the official opening week, contributed to this. September and the official opening weekend of the Brucknerfest made a valuable contribution to this by providing low-threshold access to a contemporary artistic approach to Anton Bruckner or the respective festival theme beyond the concert hall, in the middle of the city center, with free admission, which was mostly presented for discussion in public space.

In the anniversary year 2024, the Stegreif Orchester will bring the Bruckner Festival and the music of the birthday boy into the city on 5 and 6 September. It will deliver what its name promises: excerpts from Bruckner's works will be performed as part of flash mobs and pop-up concerts, modified and adapted in a creative manner and enriched with improvisational elements and, of course, always played off the cuff. For two days Bruckner's music will be omnipresent in the streets and squares of Linz, in the lobby area of the station as well as in churches and museums, true to the motto "200 years and not in the least quiet".


Arrangements of and improvisations on works by

Anton Bruckner (1824-1896)


Stegreif - The Improvising Symphony Orchestra


Free admission (free counting tickets required)

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