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For musicians

The motto is: do it yourself! Here is a selection for those who want to raise their voice or their instrument.

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(P.S.) Bruckner

Bruckner's music, it is often said, is a difficult and demanding case exclusively for professional musicians. Not true at all, as Play.Sing. (P.S.) Bruckner proves: 3 booklets with numerous Bruckner melodies and excerpts, arranged by renowned arrangers for a wide variety of ensemble formations. Not only in different levels of difficulty, but also in the colorful sound of various musical styles!

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Bruckner goes to the pub

Pub mediation format

Bruckner goes Wirtshaus brings a small, fine ensemble of musicians from the Bruckner Orchestra Linz and the St. Florian Boys' Choir under the direction of Albert Landertinger and Markus Stumpner into the good parlor. Together with the audience, an entertaining concert format is created with humorous conférences, open music-making and singing for young and old. Your own instruments are very welcome!
Admission is free, table reservation required!

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