David Wagner on Tour

It is certainly one of the most dynamic projects of the OÖ KulturEXPO Anton Bruckner 2024. The musician and composer David Wagner gets on his bike and visits the inhabitants of Bruckner streets, alleys, paths and squares throughout Upper Austria to make music with them.

Bruckner! Moved, cheerful*

There is not one Bruckner, but several. In the next article in the series "Through the year with Bruckner", Norbert Trawöger shows that this can sometimes be a heroic, a doubting, an enigmatic or even a pensive one.


The BRUCKNER G'SCHICHTEN, a cinematic tour of Anton Bruckner's places of reference, celebrated its premiere at Moviemento in Linz on Wednesday, March 20, 2024. The 35 films were conceived and shot by filmmaker Markus Kaiser-Mühlecker as part of the first Upper Austrian KulturEXPO to mark the 200th anniversary of Anton Bruckner's birth.

Off to the ABenteuer!

The Bruckner year started with a veritable concert series that stretched from Linz, Haid and Kirchdorf to Vienna and duly launched the first Upper Austrian KulturEXPO with musical fireworks.

Photo of a man sitting on a stool in an empty, pink-lit room.

Bruckner - the icon

In this article, exile music researcher Karin Wagner examines the staging and instrumentalization of Anton Bruckner.

We are a symphony!

"Bruckner is coming home" was proclaimed for the planning of the first Upper Austrian KulturEXPO, which means nothing other than talking about him in the present. This is exactly what Norbert Trawöger, Artistic Director Anton Bruckner 2024, is doing in his series "Through the year with Bruckner".

Back view of applauding audience

"Locus iste" - spanning the globe

The start of the Upper Austrian KulturEXPO Anton Bruckner 2024 was heralded with 53 "Locus iste" video contributions. At the beginning of the New Year's concert, Anton Bruckner's "world hit" was sung by singers from Tehran in Iran to the Western Cape in South Africa.

New Year

from now on

The Upper Austrian KulturEXPO Anton Bruckner 2024 was opened on January 1, 2024 as part of the New Year's Concert at the Brucknerhaus Linz. With a world-spanning "Locus iste" and a program by Markus Poschner and the Bruckner Orchestra Linz, which included music by Anton Bruckner as well as other anniversary composers, the anniversary year got off to a brilliant start.

Aussi, eina.

In the article in the series "Through the year with Bruckner" in the December edition of the Upper Austrian Cultural Report, Norbert Trawöger looks at the linguistic and tonal landscapes of Upper Austria, which are inextricably linked to the genius loci of Anton Bruckner and will be carried beyond all borders in the Upper Austrian KulturExpo 2024 to mark the 200th anniversary of his birth.

Anton Bruckner Run

The symphony of running

Where, if not in Upper Austria, where "sporting" through the diverse landscapes has developed into a real mass movement in recent decades, and in the middle of the marathon "stronghold" Linz, where the Linz Danube Marathon attracts up to 20,000 (amateur) runners from 80 nations to the starting line every year, a new symphony will be created in 2024. One of running, dedicated to Anton Bruckner and his work.

Curtain up and stage free

The OÖ KulturEXPO Anton Bruckner 2024 kicks off the first trimester of the anniversary year with a "Tremolo" in December and the New Year's Concert at the Brucknerhaus Linz.

50 representatives of the 35 Anton Bruckner communities and project participants took part in the networking meeting of the first Upper Austrian KulturEXPO. Photo: Province of Upper Austria/Peter Mayr

Networking meeting of the Bruckner municipalities

Networking is key - Around 50 representatives of the 35 Anton Bruckner municipalities and project participants took part in the networking meeting for the first OÖ KulturEXPO in the Linz Landhaus.

Presentation of the sound logo, from left: Norbert Trawöger, Artistic Director of "Anton Bruckner 2024", Governor Thomas Stelzer, Cultural Director Margot Nazzal and composer Alexander Koller. Photo: Province of Upper Austria/Max Mayrhofer

ab2024 Soundlogo

In addition to the visual logo, KulturEXPO Anton Bruckner 2024 now also has a sonic identifier in the form of the sound logo that will accompany all activities in 2024.

Premiere of the Upper Austrian KulturEXPO, in the picture from left: Mayor Bernd Schützender (St. Florian), Mag. Norbert Trawöger, Artistic Director "Anton Bruckner 2024", LH Mag. Thomas Stelzer, Cultural Director Mag.a Margot Nazzal and Mayor Christian Partoll (Ansfelden). Photo: Province of Upper Austria/Peter Mayr

All of Upper Austria becomes a stage

The Upper Austrian KulturEXPO was initiated to bring cultural topics of supra-regional relevance and central cultural-political significance before the curtain. The 200th birthday of Anton Bruckner is the occasion for launching the Upper Austrian KulturEXPO.

Two person with poodle dog masks over head

The crux of the matter

In the young podcast "Des Pudels Kern", Heidi Kastner, forensic psychiatrist, and Norbert Trawöger, artistic director of Anton Bruckner 2024, take a look into the inner life of Anton Bruckner.

Anton Bruckner goes Berlin

Berlin is once again the center of tourism. The ITB made a guest appearance in the German capital at the beginning of March. Upper Austria Tourism presented cultural and culinary highlights with its partners "Anton Bruckner 2024" and the European Capital of Culture Bad Ischl-Salzkammergut.

First highlights for 2024

In a joint press conference on March 2, 2023, Provincial Governor Mag. Thomas Stelzer, Mayor MMag. Klaus Luger, City Councillor for Culture Doris Lang-Mayerhofer and Cultural Director Mag. Margot Nazzal presented the first program highlights for the anniversary year 2024.

Anton Bruckner 2024 Logo

Anton Bruckner 2024

Anton Bruckner is a multifaceted solitaire. He is a controversial maverick, conservative and revolutionary at the same time, a Janus-faced composer who looks in different times and directions: back into the history of music that lies behind him and forward into modernity, to which he points the way.

Press conference anton bruckner 2024 with LH Mag. Stelzer, Bgm. MMag. Luger, Stadträtin Lang-Mayerhofer, Mag.a Nazzal October 21, 2022, 10:00 a.m., Linz Landhaus "anton bruckner 2024": Province of Upper Austria and City of Linz present joint brand for anniversary year

The Press Conference

The province of Upper Austria and the city of Linz have created a joint brand for the Bruckner Year 2024, which was presented by LH Mag. Thomas Stelzer and BGM Klaus Luger at a press conference in the Steinerner Saal in the Landhaus on Friday, October 21, 2022.

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