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Anton Bruckner is a multifaceted solitaire. He is a controversial loner, conservative and revolutionary at the same time, a Janus-faced composer who looks in different times and directions: back into the history of music, which lies behind him, and forward into modernity, which he points the way to. He is turned towards the simple life in the countryside and has the colorful hustle and bustle of the big city before his eyes. He knows the ground on which he stands, masters the compositional craft and looks far beyond its horizon.

The "anton bruckner 2024" brand created for the great 200th anniversary is a visual expression of Bruckner's space. Almost infinitely variable and yet always unmistakable, it combines the light and dark in harmonious contrast. Like the Anton Bruckner catalog raisonné (WAB), the brand is a whole composed of individual parts, of elements that can be recombined again and again like the notes of a musical scale. Like a musical score, this opens up generous creative scope for ever new visual interpretations of the brand essence, depending on the occasion, format and intended use. An elementary component of this brand core are the initials of Anton Bruckner, from which the fundamental syllable "ab" was derived, that multifunctional preposition which so often precedes time and place indications. The use of lowercase letters somewhat balances out Bruckner's legendary weight and gravity, but in no way signifies a self-deprecation or trivialization, but rather symbolizes the intended departure. The Bruckner-Year programmatically stands for the beginning of the journey into the interior of the great work, to its places of origin and heralds a new era in the examination of Anton Bruckner.

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