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"Locus iste" spanning the globe

2024 marks the 200th anniversary of Anton Bruckner's birth. This anniversary is an opportunity for the province of Upper Austria to present the life and work of the great symphonic composer in a diverse, contemporary way, away from traditional clichés. The Bruckner Year 2024 will also be Upper Austria's first KulturEXPO.
Bruckner belongs to Upper Austria, but does not belong to us, but lets us be heard all over the world: He is world, he comes from our land, from this place: "Locus iste" - "This place" - are the opening words of the Latin motet for four-part mixed choir, which was composed for the inauguration of the votive chapel of the New Cathedral in 1869. "Locus iste" is one of the "world hits" of Anton Bruckner's genius loci.

In the fall of 2023, an invitation was sent out to all choirs, singers, musicians and interested parties to send in a video recording of this piece and become part of the opening of the anniversary year. 53 contributions from all over the world were brought together - including from the world capitals Beijing, Washington DC, Sydney and New Delhi - and rang in the anniversary year on January 1, 2024 as part of the New Year's Concert at the Brucknerhaus.

For the English version of the video, follow the link below.

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