Press conference anton bruckner 2024 with LH Mag. Stelzer, Bgm. MMag. Luger, Stadträtin Lang-Mayerhofer, Mag.a Nazzal October 21, 2022, 10:00 a.m., Linz Landhaus "anton bruckner 2024": Province of Upper Austria and City of Linz present joint brand for anniversary year

The Press Conference

The province of Upper Austria and the city of Linz have created a joint brand for the Bruckner Year 2024, which was presented by LH Mag. Thomas Stelzer and BGM Klaus Luger at a press conference in the Steinerner Saal in the Landhaus on Friday 21. 10. 2022. Both see the round birthday of the famous musician and composer in 2024 as a welcome occasion to present Upper Austrian culture in all its diversity together. A common domain and social media channels, a common graphic appearance and, as soon as the first program points are fixed, a calendar of events were created. The brand created for the big anniversary is a visual expression of the many facets of Anton Bruckner, a Janus-faced composer who looks in different times and directions. An elementary component are the composer's initials, the syllable "ab", which with inviting lightness programmatically stands for the beginning of the journey into the interior of the great work and to its places of origin.

from now on: Anton Bruckner 2024 – celebrate with us!

In the picture: Governor Thomas Stelzer, Cultural Director Margot Nazzal, City Councilor Doris Lang-Mayerhofer, Mayor Klaus Luger

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