First highlights for 2024

In a joint press conference on March 2, 2023, Provincial Governor Mag. Thomas Stelzer, Mayor MMag. Klaus Luger, City Councillor for Culture Doris Lang-Mayerhofer and Cultural Director Mag. Margot Nazzal presented the first program highlights for the anniversary year 2024.



When all of Upper Austria celebrates, numerous institutions from all over the country join forces to offer a diverse, magnificent and sonorous program with superstars, international orchestras and fantastic conductors. Exhibitions highlighting the people, genius and work of Anton Bruckner will be on display, and world premieres, world premieres and commissioned works will be presented.

When Bruckner's beats conquer the city's dance floors, live acts, DJs and opulent musical experiences await and all this takes place in honor of the 200th birthday of the genius loci Anton Bruckner, then that can only mean one thing - everyone absolutely agrees: Bruckner is coming home! Bruckner 2024 can be experienced, sensed, heard, seen and felt at more than 35 locations.

From 1.1.2024 it is: from now on, now it begins. In this jubilee year, the composer and son of Upper Austria will be celebrated, because he is absolutely unique! All of Upper Austria will become a Bruckner-room, all of Upper Austria will become a stage, because the work of Bruckner and much more will be played here.

First program highlights are already online - Discover now!

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