Presentation of the sound logo, from left: Norbert Trawöger, Artistic Director of "Anton Bruckner 2024", Governor Thomas Stelzer, Cultural Director Margot Nazzal and composer Alexander Koller. Photo: Province of Upper Austria/Max Mayrhofer

ab2024 Soundlogo

In addition to the visual logo, KulturEXPO Anton Bruckner 2024 now also has a sonic identifier in the form of the sound logo that will accompany all activities in 2024.

In the fall of 2022, an international tender for a sound logo was initiated. Among others, designs were submitted from Taiwan, Hungary, Italy, Germany and Lebanon. The submissions were anonymously submitted to the jury, consisting of experts from the music and media sector, for evaluation. In the end, the entry by Alexander Koller from Steinhaus near Wels was able to convince the jury.

"It is more than obvious for the Bruckner anniversary year 2024 to also create a sound recognition mark. It is particularly pleasing that Alexander Koller from Upper Austria was able to prevail with his proposal in the international competition with 48 submissions and 114 entries," said Governor Mag. Thomas Stelzer.

"Draw attention to Bruckner in ten seconds? For every person on our musical planet? You need his top hits, otherwise you're "totally lost". So: Bruckner's wind chorale from the 5th symphony and his most performed work "Locus iste" for mixed choir a-capella. Mix these two ingredients and as a secret spice add a female voice, a children's voice and a male voice with pedagogically valuable information and the AnTon Signation is ready", composer Alexander Koller explained his recipe for success.

The sound logo is also the starting point for further creative processes. For example, young artists from the Oö. Landesmusikschulwerk will deal with Bruckner's work in general and with the sound logo in particular as part of the focal theme "Composition & Music Production". The highlight will be the cooperation with the Stream Festival of the city of Linz. Music students will have the opportunity to present their creations to the public. The sound logo will be incorporated into the production as a sample.

"A formative pillar of Upper Austria as a cultural region is the Upper Austrian State Music School, which is also taking up the Bruckner Year in music school teaching and offering new, contemporary approaches to the works of Anton Bruckner. All in the spirit of innovative cultural education," explains Cultural Director Margot Nazzal.

Composer Alexander Koller will develop from his short composition an arrangement for P.S. Bruckner - music books from the Anton Bruckner 2024 Vermittlung. The theme of the sound logo thus becomes playable and singable "for all" in an easy form and can be performed in a wide variety of instrumentations in music schools, wind music clubs and schools.

"Bruckner stimulates us to deal with ourselves and our present. With the sound logo, a striking building block has again been created that can be played with. In good Upper Austrian terms: You can play!", says Norbert Trawöger, artistic director of KulturEXPO Anton Bruckner 2024.

The sound logo can be used by all interested organizers in connection with projects related to Bruckner. It can be heard and downloaded here. Like the visual logo, it can also be requested by e-mail to

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