So. 16.06.24
St. Florian
Stiftsbasilika St. Florian

Bruckner 7 | Markus Poschner & Bruckner Orchester Linz

Markus Poschner (c) Reinhard Winkler

The premiere of Anton Bruckner's 7th Symphony took place in Leipzig on 30 November, 1884 by 29-year-old Arthur Nikisch. The date is very memorable as sixty-year-old Anton Bruckner was celebrating a long-awaited success. In March 1885, the Munich premiere by Hermann Levi was a triumph: "Bruckner is a genius", "Finally, finally someone who draws on unlimited resources", "The symphony stands before us as an imperishable work of musical architecture." Bruckner must have been amazed when he read these reviews. Today, the Seventh is one of his  most frequently performed  symphonies. Bruckner dedicated it to the "fairytale king" of Bavaria, Ludwig II, the eccentric monarch who preferred to have himself portrayed as the swan knight, Lohengrin, and financed Wagner's lofty plans.

The great Austrian theologian and thinker, Paul Zulehner, takes the floor before the performance and gets the audience in the right mood with a "Spiritual Miniature".

Bruckner Orchestra Linz

Markus Poschner | Conductor

Paul Zulehner | Spiritual miniaturist

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