Mi. 29.05.24
Brucknerhaus Linz
Sinfonienzyklus Bruckner Orchester Linz


Markus Poschner © Reinhard Winkler

The Bruckner Orchestra Linz and Markus Poschner act as a guarantee of  unforgettable Bruckner events that are not only celebrated in Upper Austria, but resonate all over the world - as is underlined by the many prizes and nominations in the pipeline for the complete recordings which are currently in progress. However, nothing can replace a "live" experience. At this concert in the Brucknerhaus, the 3rd Symphony will be performed in its original version. A work commenced in 1872 but only completed in 1873, it did not premiere until 1890 but it did so with success. Following rejection three times by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, Bruckner had previously revised the symphony, which quotes and is dedicated to Richard Wagner, several times. In the Third, Bruckner realised a new symphonic concept in which the development of musical motifs is replaced by a block-like sequence of motif variations. The finale combines a dance melody with a wind chorale, to which Bruckner adds: "The polka signifies the humour and gaiety in the world - the chorale embodies the world's inherent pain and sadness."

Anton Bruckner
Symphony No. 3 in D minor WAB 103 (1873)

Markus Poschner | Conductor

Bruckner Orchestra Linz

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