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Klaus a. d. Phyrnbahn

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Anton Bruckner in Klaus a. d. Pyhrnbahn

A guest of scythe factory owner Michael Pies(s)linger in Steyrling. In the 1870s destination of several excursions from Kirchdorf. Organ playing in the church of the Immaculate Conception of Mary, which was only built in 1854.

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Events in Klaus an der Phyrnbahn

A feast for all the senses. Fine art, literature, music, fashion and the catering trade join forces to create an unforgettable moment in time. All of this must be seen from the perspective of Bruckner's life's work and his often awkward and sometimes downright unhappy relationship with women. As part of the Artists' Summer Festival 2024, visitors are called upon to reflect on their own relationship with Anton Bruckner and thus develop a deeper understanding for Anton Bruckner's various forms of expression and other artists.

Cultural Committee Municipality of Klaus an der Pyhrnbahn

KAROline Kornek | artistic direction

Katharina Enzensberger | musician, visual artist

Gertraud Leitzenberger | Photo artist

Monika Weis | Patchwork and Jewelry

The Rischanek Family - Oboe Bassoon | Music

Ruzicka | Catering

Cultural department of the municipality of Klaus | Catering

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