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Neufelden im Mühlkreis

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Anton Bruckner in Neufelden im Mühlkreis

1890 travels from Linz in the Landauer to visit his former flame Josefine Lang, who lives there as a married Weilnböck and innkeeper.

Bruckner G'schichten from Neufelden on YouTube

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Events in Neufelden im Mühlkreis

Anton Bruckner frequently visited the Weilenböck and Lang families in Neufelden. He traveled there on the Mühlkreis railway, which opened in 1888, walked along the Große Mühl and also played the church organ in Neufelden. The Neufelden (1919-1924), Aschach and Ottensheim dams had not yet been built at the time.
In the now massively changed landscape between Neufelden and Linz, the coda from Bruckner's Fourth Symphony, also known as The Romantic, will be played on 7 July 2024. However, not the usual version, but rather one based on a score by the artist, Michael Pisaro-Liu: he has arranged the moving and stirring piece of music for the 90 brass players who will make the Danube between Neufelden and Linz resound in Bruckner's tones. On 7 July 2024, the river and dams will become a space for listening.

On 7.7.2024, the river and dams will each become a listening room for around 40 minutes.

16:00 Neufelden dam
18:00 Ottensheim dam
20:00 Donaulände/Brucknerhaus

Accessible for people with impaired mobility:

A project of the Upper Austrian KulturEXPO Anton Bruckner 2024

HEIM.ART® cultural association

Joachim Eckl | Management & Idea

Michael Pisaro-Liu | Composition

Regional music schools of Rohrbach, Schlägl, Neufelden, Lembach, St. Martin, Eferding, Hartkirchen, Ottensheim and Puchenau with the associated branches

Wolfgang Panholzer | Ensemble management dam Neufelden

Thomas Beiganz | Ensemble management dam Aschach

Karl Glaser | Ensemble management Ottensheim dam

Raphael Aichinger | Ensemble Director Donaupark

1) Neufelden im Mühlkreis dam: Langhalsner Str. 7, 4120 Langhalsen; 2) Ottensheim Danube power station: 4100 Ottensheim; 3) Donaupark / Brucknerhaus: 4040 Linz

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