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Anton Bruckner in Steyregg

In September 1856, the destination of an excursion with his lifelong friend Rudolf Weinwurm.

Bruckner G'schichten auf Steyregg on YouTube

Program under development

Events in Steyregg

Opening by the Steyregg Children's Choir Gabriele Deutsch reads works by Anton Bruckner Film footage of the church concert in Steyregg by the St. Florian Boys' Choir - LOCUS ISTE

Seat reservation with Mrs. Annemarie Schonka for a voluntary donation in favor of the Steyregg Children's Choir

Theater- und Liedertafel Steyregg "Der Kulturverein" with the support of the municipality of Steyregg

German Gabriele | Reading/Artist

Szekelyne Kovacs Dora | Choirmaster Steyregg

Weissenwolffstrasse 6 4221 Steyregg Details & Tickets

The actress Gabriele Deutsch follows in the footsteps of Anton Bruckner. She reads from letters to and from Bruckner and tells stories from his life - amusing and touching. David Wagner and Hans-Georg Gutternig set Bruckner's music to music with piano, violin and wind instruments as you have never heard it before

Theater and Liedertafelvereinigung Steyregg

Gabriele Deutsch

Hans-Georg Gutternigg

David Wagner

Trench 31 4221 Steyregg Details & Tickets

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