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Anton Bruckner in Enns

1843 to 1855 music lessons with church musician Leopold von Zenetti at Kirchenplatz 5.

Bruckner G'schichten from Enns on YouTube

Program under development

Events in Enns


Adults € 7.50
Free admission for people with disabilities
Concessions (senior citizens, students etc.): € 5.00 
Group as of 8 people: € 5.00
Free admission for children up to 6 years
Children and teenagers 6-15 years: € 3.00
Family (2 adults + 1 child): € 15.00
School groups:€ 3.00 p. p.
Combined ticket Enns Museums € 10.00 p. p.
Combined ticket Enns Museums for families (2 adults + 1 child) € 20.00
Guided tour flat rate (up to max. 25 people) € 42.00
Mediation/workshop for school classes € 6.00 p. p.

Museum Association Lauriacum Enns

Main square 19 4470 Enns Details & Tickets

Immerse yourself in the world of Leopold von Zenetti, an important teacher of Anton Bruckner, as you take part in our exclusive "Zenetti special". Experience a captivating guided tour through the special exhibition, which will give you an outstanding insight into Zenetti's personality, his field of activity and the formative period in which he lived.

Lauriacum-Enns Museum Association

Main square 19 4470 Enns Details & Tickets

Works by Händel, Hydn, Britten and Wahlmüller

Admission: € 25.00
Minors: € 10.00
(Tickets available three weeks before the start of the event at Bürgerservicestelle (Citizens's Service) Enns and Trafik (Tobacconist's) Bruckner).

Enns Chamber Orchestra

Maria Neuhauser | Organ

Ennser | Chamber Orchestra

Michael Wahlmüller | Conductor

Church square 6 4470 Enns Details & Tickets

In this year's musical produced by the MMS Enns (secondary music school), students bring the 200-year-old ghost of Anton to life. He then embarks on a musical journey through the present. Unfortunately, he manages to mess up the everyday lives of the living. However, a group of young people come to the aid of the composer. Will they succeed in redeeming the ghost?

Secondary music school of Enns

Manuela Schörghuber | Music teacher

Maria Anger 6 4470 Enns

The Ennsegg Orchestra presents an open air concert in the wonderful rose garden of Ennsegg castle.
Visitors will be treated to barn-dance music, quadrilles and sounds of Styria  as well as music from the world of the jubilarian, Anton Bruckner.

Accessible for those with impaired mobility:

Orchestra Collegium Ennsegg

Christoph Bitzinger | Director Orchestra Collegium Ennsegg

Schloßgasse 4 4470 Enns Details & Tickets

"Hike like Bruckner", enjoy the connection between nature, culture and movement in a group. The ÖTB OÖ invites you to a star hike on 15 - 18 August 2024 which will, this year, take us to Kronstorf. In line with Anton Bruckner's own enthusiasm for the nature of Upper Austria, we will hike from various starting points to our common destination. This year is characterised by a special route that also includes stations featuring muisc from Bruckner.

Gymnastics Club of Enns ÖTB 1862 and Gymnastics Club of Steyr 1861

Fritz Aichhorn | Chairman of Enns Gymnastics Club

Steyrerstrasse 13 4470 Enns Details & Tickets

The installation combines organ playing and an ensemble of converted playground equipment to create a collective musical instrument in public space. By rocking and seesawing together, different organ pipes are operated - a sound space unfolds on the organ playground that makes Anton Bruckner audible and tangible in both an abstract and playful way.
The organ will be set up in 2024 in various locations with a Bruckner connection.

The Schorgel is coming to Enns!

More information will follow!

A project of the Upper Austrian KulturEXPO Anton Bruckner 2024 with the kind support of the Federal Ministry for Arts, Culture, the Civil Service and Sport.

Studio Clemens Bauder | Idea, concept, realisation

Schloßgasse 4 4470 Enns
Logo of the Federal Ministry of Arts, Culture, Civil Service and Sport

The Pastoral Mass in C major by Leopold von Zenetti will be performed as part of the Harvest Festival.
In the parish church of Enns St. Marien, Leopold von Zenetti, Anton Bruckner's teacher, was active as regens chori. It is likely that Bruckner listened to his teacher play the organ in Enns.
The Pastoral Mass is one of the few pieces of sheet music that have survived in the original. A mass in classical style for soli, choir and orchestra, performed by the Collegium Ennsegg Chamber Choir and Orchestra Collegium Ennsegg during the harvest festival.

Orchestra Collegium Ennsegg

Christoph Bitzinger | Choirmaster

Kirchenpl. 6 4470 Enns Details & Tickets

Sophie Neuhauser (violin) and friends play works by Leopold Zenetti (Bruckner's teacher), Terzett; Haydn, Schubert.

Tickets available at the Bürgerservicestelle Enns and the Trafik Bruckner
Admission € 30, young people € 10

Klaus Neuhauser

Schlossgasse 4 4470 Enns

In 2024, the already traditional brass band Sunday is themed around Anton Bruckner and his teacher Leopold von Zenetti. A mass with special musical accompaniment, in addition to brass music there will also be choir and organ music.

Musikverein Stadtkapelle Enns + choir

Bernhard Braunbock | Kapellmeister /Arrangeur

Anton Bruckner and jewelry?

This unexpected connection sheds a fascinating light on the interface between music, spirituality and jewelry art and shows how these areas can combine in surprising ways.
In contrast to Bruckner's profound seriousness, imaginative pieces of jewelry explore the lightness of love and the romanticism of his time.
One example of this is a silver "paper" flier, artfully engraved with the original handwritten notes of the famous 'Steiermärker' (ca. 1850). One could imagine that the aviator flew straight into the heart of Anton Bruckner's first flame, Aloisia Bogner.
This piece of jewelry not only embodies Bruckner's musical brilliance in its handwritten engraving, but also the tender bond between him and his muse. It tells of a time when the young composer's musicality was shaped not only by his compositions, but also by the love that inspired him. This unique connection between music and jewelry reflects the romantic era in which Bruckner lived and worked.
Discover in further creations how music, spirituality and jewelry merge harmoniously and take you on a journey that touches your heart and soul.

If you are interested in jewelry inspired by Anton Bruckner, please send an email to

"Erste Flamme" necklace 925/00 silver with the engraving of the original notes 'Steiermärker'. Silver aviator on stainless steel bracelet. 180,-

Free admission.

Atelier C. Langer

Steyrerstrasse 13 4470 Enns

The Ennser Singkreis will give a concert performance of Bruckner's Requiem in D minor in the venerable Enns-St. Laurenz Basilica. Advance tickets are available at the Enns municipal office, from choir members and online.

Enns Singing Circle

Hannes Schörghuber | Choirmaster/Conductor

Basilica Street 4470 Enns Details & Tickets

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