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Anton Bruckner in Gmunden

Stay at the Gasthof Zur Sonne in Theatergasse 4.

Bruckner G'schichten from Gmunden on YouTube

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Bruckner as part of the club scene? In April, the STREAM CLUB and state music students studying digital music production proved that this is possible. And the beat goes on: "It all started with the idea of creating new approaches to Anton Bruckner's classical music," Ilona Roth from Transitheart Productions explains. The latter is a label for artistic  productions in the field of contemporary dance and theatre with interfaces to performance art, film and video. Together with the Linz-based collective Holy Hydra, she has devised Bruckner's Beats and presents pieces by Bruckner featuring electronic remixes and new arrangements in a club atmosphere. Sound installations, performances, art happenings and interventions - Anton Bruckner becomes danceable and tangible.

The Experimental Sound-Focused Experimental Arrangement (organ performance) combines organic and inorganic sounds. During the live performance, which is tuned to the sacred space, the audience is evoked a mood that is both melancholic and optimistic. Based on the works of Anton Bruckner, E:K:V will reinterpret the classical pieces with electronic sounds and organ sounds. A performative sound journey with remixes of Bruckner's sounds will expand the framework. Dancers and performers from Transitheart Productions will interact with Bruckner remixes and enable an immersive dive into their live improvisation.

Holy Hydra as part of the Salzkammergut Capital of Culture Bad Ischl 2024

Parish Gmunden Place
+43 (0) 761264271

A project of the Upper Austrian KulturEXPO Anton Bruckner 2024

Transitheart Productions coop Holy Hydra

Clemens Riedl | Organ; E:K:V

Stefan Weissenberger | trumpet & electronics; E:K:V

Björn Büchner | Electronics; E:K:V

Audiomojo | Sound Remixes

LynnMayya | Sound Remixes

Reinhard Reisenzahl | Sound Remixes

Lilli Jungin Lee | Lee Jung In Creation - dance performance

Seo Jin Moon | Lee Jung In Creation - dance performance

Yeram Kand | Lee Jung In Creation - dance performance

Seung Ju Lee | Lee Jung In Creation - dance performance

Miller von Aichholz-Strasse 25 4810 Gmunden

In 2024, the super-cultivated land of Upper Austria is celebrating a very special cultural year. The Salzkammergut is the cultural capital and Anton Bruckner will turn 200 years old.

The upcoming Salzkammergut Open-Air is proud to present Erwin Schrott, one of the most exciting and charismatic singers of our times. This season, the Uruguayan bass-baritone will be the star of major opera stages from Berlin to Verona, and will also perform in the Toscana Park in Gmunden, one of the most beautiful open-air concert halls in the world.
Erwin Schrott will pay tribute to Anton Bruckner, the composer of the year, by performing an enchanting, as yet unknown work for the first time together with the Bruckner Orchestra Linz. The programme will also include works by the other annual jubilarians Smetana, Puccini and the "Salzkammergut" composers. Sonorous excursions into South American realms are also the be expected!
Expect the surprising, the enchanting!

The Salzkammergut Open-Air of the Bruckner Orchestra Linz will take place as part of the Salzkammergut Festival Weeks.

OÖ Theater und Orchester GmbH

Erwin Schrott | bass-baritone

Markus Poschner | Conductor

Bruckner Orchestra Linz

Toscana Park 6 4810 Gmunden Details & Tickets

Salzkammergut Festival Weeks Gmunden

Toscana Park 6 4810 Gmunden

Bruckner Matinee         

Arnold Schoenberg Choir

Upper Austrian Mozart Ensemble


Erwin Ortner - Conductor
Johanna Krokovay - soprano
Ursula Langmayr - alto
Michael Nowak - tenor
Johannes Gisser - bass


Anton Bruckner (1824-1896)

Mass No. 1 in D minor WAB 26 (1864) 

Arnold Schoenberg (1874-1951)

Peace on Earth, op. 13 (1911)

Arvo Pärt (*1935)

Nunc dimittis (2001)
Virgencita (2012/2013)
Little Litany (2015)

In 2024 a choir programme simply has to include Anton Bruckner. Confessional music, filled with the unwavering piety of Bruckner. Even in his first mass, Bruckner chose the rhythmic, harmonic and melodic material very deliberately: Every key, every modulation, every cadence became, under his command, a "text module" of a musical language rich in meaning.

Arnold Schoenberg's "Peace on Earth", the musical rendering of a Christmas poem by Conrad Ferdinand Meyer, has been firmly anchored in the Arnold Schoenberg Choir's repertoire from the very beginning and is undisputedly one of the most moving works for a mixed a cappella choir.

It is usually said of Arvo Pärt's compositional development that he began as an avant-garde "bad boy". He was generally experimental and complicated, garish-sounding, uncompromisingly serial and then he fell silent for almost one decade only to re-emerge again, completely changed. Ever since he has been writing beautiful, unearthly, melodious music. His "Kleine Litanei" (Small Litany) is explicitly dedicated to the Arnold Schoenberg Choir and its conductor, Erwin Ortner, a choir "whose quality I have admired for many years. He is one of those interpreters of my music who seem to have an immediate understanding of my world" (Arvo Pärt).

An introduction to the work will take place at 10:00 in the foyer on the 1st floor.

Ticket prices: € 69.00 | € 59.00

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