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Anton Bruckner in Perg

1862 final approval of the new organ by Franz Meindl. Persistent complaint about a single note. 1884 dedication of the Perger Prelude in C major to leather master and organist Josef Diernhofer.

Bruckner G'schichten from Perg on YouTube

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Events in Perg

The special exhibition deals, among other things, with the historical documents that record Anton Bruckner's relationship with Perg.

A fragmentary account is given of the ways in which the musician, Anton Bruckner, was honoured in Perg in the decades following his death through the naming of a street, the hanging of a memorial plaque, in specialist lectures or as part of church tours. An annual programme, which accompanies the exhibition, is directed at the inhabitants of the town and district of Perg inviting them to visit the exhibition.

Perg is Bruckner's town because
- Anton Bruckner's great-grandmother was the daughter of a millstone cutter from Perg
- Bruckner had personal friends or was acquainted with several people from Perg (in particular the Mayor, Karl Terpinitz, and the schoolmaster, Kirchhofer) and Anton Bruckner was thus commissioned to build a new organ in the parish church of Perg,
- Anton Bruckner dedicated the Perg Prelude to the leather goods' merchant, Josef Diernhofer,
- Anton Bruckner set the Liedertafel motto to music written by the Pergkirchen priest, Andreas Mittermayr.

Local history and museum association Perg

Stifterstrasse 1 4320 Perg Details & Tickets

On Saturday, May 25, 2024 at 19:00, our parish church will resound with a veritable firework of sound, as if the great master Anton Bruckner himself were sitting at the organ! Anton Bruckner's music will always accompany us as a bridge between musical worlds.

After the concert, we invite you to a cozy finale in the meeting zone, which will be musically framed by the Perger Stadtmusikanten.

VVK: € 10,-
AK: € 8,-
Children up to 14 years free!

PRESALE TICKETS are available from all musicians of the Stadtkapelle Perg, as well as from City Councillor Leonhard Gmeiner(
TICKET ORDERS can also be made at or +43 (0) 664-8574845 (from 7-8pm).

Musikverein Stadtkapelle Perg

Main square 20 4320 Perg Details & Tickets

07:44 Departure to Vienna by train from the station in Perg.

Meeting point and admission.
National Library, Heldenplatz entrance

Guided tour of the State Hall and special exhibition.
Our special feature: in the group original sheet music of the "Perger Präludium"

Guided tour of the Augustinian Hall.
Our special feature: A gift for the Emperor. Magnificent edition of a book published by Thomas Lansius from Perg with his students.

Lunch or free time

Visit to the Museum of Vienna

17:55 Departure to Perg by train from Vienna Central Station

Local history and museum association Perg

Perg train station 4320 Perg, Vienna Details & Tickets

Concert program:

* Anton Bruckner "Locus Iste", an arrangement for string orchestra by Robert Longfield
* Edvard Grieg" From Holberg's Time", op. 40
* Antonio Vivaldi "The Four Seasons", op. 8, 1 - 4 Soloist: Marko Zepic

Münzbach Chamber Orchestra

Georg Prinz | Artistic Director

Main square 20 4320 Perg Details & Tickets

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Brucknerstraße, a settlement area for businesses and residential buildings, starting from Bahnhofstraße. Who lives or lived here?
Perg parish church - where Anton Bruckner took the organ rehearsal and where this Bruckner organ was played for 120 years and was replaced by a new organ 41 years ago.
We listen to the Perg Prelude, played on the church organ by Anne Eder, who also explains the organ as an instrument.
We then walk to the home of the leather merchant Josef Diernhofer in Herrenstraße, where a plaque commemorating the Perger Prelude has been in place since 1996.
The tour ends with a search for the house where Anton Bruckner's great-grandmother, Maria Theresia Perger, daughter of a Perger millwright, was born and spent her childhood and youth.

17:00 Meeting point at the Heimathaus-Stadtmuseum Perg.
Duration until approx. 19:00.

Registration until June 12, 2024.
Tel.+43 (0) 650 54 27 786 or +43 (0) 664 21 59 788, cost: € 5.00 p.p.
Further Brucknerstadt walks on request!

Local history and museum association Perg

Stifterstrasse 1 4320 Perg Details & Tickets

Born in Perg, grew up in Brucknerstraße, talks about his youth in Perg and reads from his book on Europe.

Local history and museum association Perg

Töpferweg 2 4320 Perg Details & Tickets

A concert performed by pupils of Klemens Öhlinger's organ class.

Regional Music School Perg

Stefan Öhlinger | Music school teacher

Main square 20 4320 Perg Details & Tickets

Robert Wandl is a retired secretary of the Chamber of Commerce and deals with cultural issues in Upper Austria. He has summarized his contribution to the Bruckner Year in a lecture.

Catholic Education Center Perg

Robert Wandl | Lecturer

Bahnhofstrasse 2 4320 Perg

The Perg Symphonic Wind Orchestra is a project of the Perg State Music School. Committed musicians from the lower Mühlviertel region rehearse symphonic wind music at the highest musical level under expert guidance.

Symphonic wind orchestra of the Perg State Music School

Thomas Asanger | Artistic Director

Jahnstrasse 2 4320 Perg Details & Tickets

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