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Anton Bruckner in Sierning

Birthplace and place of origin of Bruckner's mother Theresia Helm, who grew up in the tavern at Neuzeug.

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Theresia Helm, Anton Bruckner's mother, was born in 1801 in Neuzeug at 28 Theresia-Helm-Straße. She grew up in a wealthy home in Neuzeug.
Her parents owned large parcels of land and her father also received an income in his capacity as administrator of the Gschwendt estate,
as well as the income from the inn. They were also entitled to work as knife makers and publishers.
So on his mother's side, Anton Bruckner is a genuine 'Sierninger - Neuzeuger'.
Anton Bruckner later returned to the inn, which is now the Landhotel Forsthof, again and again and once dedicated the song Die Rose to the daughter of the hotel, whom he greatly admired.
He was also a founding member of the Liedertafel Sierninghofen-Neuzeug singing group, which is still based at Restaurant Landerl and holds weekly choir rehearsals, provided those attending are able to sing.
Anton Bruckner was also the author of the singers' motto.

The opening of the exhibition with the Hausruckviertler Kunstkreis (Hausruck Art Group) will take place on 10.05.24 at 18:00 at the municipal office. You can visit the exhibition during the opening hours of the municipality or by prior registration by phoning 07252 2255-0 or registering by mail: Registration

2 guided tours are available:

- Sierning: on the trail of Anton Bruckner, his love and his contemporaries in Sierning
The tour includes the Landhotel Forsthof, the castle and the church. The Forsthof, where he was in love with the daughter, is almost certainly where he also met Josef Werndl and Anton Landerl, one of Sierning's greatest patrons (financing the hospital and the high altar in the parish church).
He enthusiastically played Marian hymns on the organ in the church for his great love, Bruckner was often invited to the castle by the owner, Baroness Sophie von Karst.

- Sierninghofen/Neuzeug: tracing the footsteps of Theresia Bruckner (née Helm) and Bruckner's friends in Neuzeug
Here the focus is, on the one hand, on Theresia Helm, Anton Bruckner's mother, who was born in Neuzeug.
On the other hand, Anton Bruckner had good friends in Neuzeug, such as Carl Almeroth (cutler in Steyr and Neuzeug) and also had good contacts with the local Liedertafel singing group. He came up with their foundation motto and also took part in the rehearsals.

The tours can be booked individually and last for about 2 hours.
The price is € 10.00 per person for up to 10 participants and €  7.00 per person for 11 persons and more,
or group prices by arrangement. In Sierning a visit to the exhibition is included in the price of the guided tour.

Contact registrations and appointments at the market town of Sierning under:

Market Town of Sierning Culture

Kurt Bauernfeind | Artist

Jürgen Bley | Artist

Beate Praxmarer Mag. Phil. | Artist

Anneliese Schinagl | Artist

Monika Steiner | Artist

Ing. Erwin Brunmayr | project management, responsible for the guided tours

Günter Rosatzin | Project Management

Church square 1 4522 Sierning Details & Tickets

Organist | Bernhard Prammer, titular organist of the Bruckner organ in the Old Cathedral in Linz
Bernhard Prammer will play organ improvisations as well as music by Anton Bruckner and his musical entourage.

9:10 a.m.: Start of the competition drive for classic cars at the main square in Traun.
The route leads via Hörsching to Kremsmünster, Schlierbach, Kirchdorf a. d. Krems, Steyrling, Sierning-Neuzeug, Wolfern, Kronstorf, Ansfelden to St. Florian.

Admission to the organ recitals in Schlierbach Abbey Church, Steyrling Parish Church, Kronstorf Parish Church and St. Florian Abbey Church is free of charge.

Collegiate Church
between 10:45 and 11:10

Parish Church (Church of the Immaculate Conception of Mary)
between 11:45 and 12:10

Parish church
between 15:30 and 15:55

St. Florian:
Collegiate church (Bruckner organ)
between 17:00 and 17:25

Ambassador Club Traun

Organist | Bernhard Prammer

Details & Tickets

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