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Anton Bruckner in Vöcklabruck

Frequent visits to his sister and city gardener's wife Rosalia Hueber. Honorary member of the Liedertafel Vöcklabruck and the social club Paixhanslia. Several invitations to play the organ in the city parish church.

Bruckner G'schichten from Vöcklabruck on YouTube

Program under development

Events in Vöcklabruck

Who was Anton Bruckner, was he the man whose life led laboriously from choirboy to primary school teacher and organist to composer?
In any case, he is counted among the most important innovators in classical music, his influences reaching far into the 20th century.

13 artists have explored Bruckner's life and had many different ways of approaching it.

On display are paintings, drawings, collages and objects.

HKK - Hausruckviertler Kunstverein

Ingeborg Rauss | Chairwoman and artist of the HKK

Kurt Bauernfeind / Heinrike Hiebler / Martina Kirchtag / Traude Kriechbaum / Gabriele Lenz / Christiane Pott / Ingeborg Rauss / Isabella Scharf-Minichmair / Anneliese Schinagl / Victor Schupfer / Septicwag / Monika Steiner / Mathilde Wörndle | Artists

Hinterstadt 13 -15 4840 Vöcklabruck Details & Tickets

In honour of the 200th anniversary of Anton Bruckner's birth, the entire town of Vöcklabruck will be the venue for a motley celebration on 1 and 2 June, 2024 - the VöcklaBRUCKNERfest2024.

On 01.06.2024, Vöcklabruck will host the BRUCKNERroas, a colourful festival which will pool the musical, artistic, creative and idealistic energy of the town. The 1st day will finish in the park of the Vöcklabruck Regional Music School with a "Gsangswolke" (cloud of song) and down-to-earth catering provided by various clubs from Vöcklabruck.

PROGRAMME Bruckner-Roas
1st movement: Maestoso 10:00 - 11:45 a.m., town square
- March-in of the Stadtmusik Vöcklabruck + clubs
- Welcoming speech by Hans Gessl, press spokesman for ab (Anton Bruckner)
- D'Waldhörnler dance display
- Presentation of BRUCKNER coffee and BRUCKNER chocolate with Ursula Maringer (Weltladen), Susanne Binder and pupils (Don Bosco)
- Interview with Maximilian Lötsch and opportunity to visit the lower city tower
- Presentation of Paixhanslia with Herbert Sturm, opportunity to visit the PAIXHANSLIA* clubhouse

2nd movement: Adagio 12:00 - 14:00
- 12.00 - 12.50: Lunch music in the parish church with children's choirs from the regional music school, Timelkam music school, organ music, Stelzhamer choir Ungenach
- 1.00 pm: Talk with Helmut Kasbauer and Gabriele Sieb (great-grandniece of ab) in the Heimathaus*, tour of the ab memorial room, Vöcklabrucker Spielleut
- 1.30 pm: Exhibition on ab by the Hausruckviertler Kunstkreis in the Lebzelterhaus* gallery, performance with the BRUCKNER marionette (Gabriele Lenz)
- 14.00: Reception in the church park, David Wagner + bike lobby
Followed by a joint departure from the church park via Brucknerstraße to Maria Schöndorf
- from 14:00: Opportunity for both the young and old to try out the SCHORGEL (organ playground) in the park of the regional music school!

The Paixhanslia* clubhouse, the Heimathaus* and the Lebzelterhaus* gallery will be open to visitors from 10.00 - 14.00 on 1st June!

3rd movement: Scherzo 15:00 - 16:30
- Heavenly finale in the church of Maria Schöndorf with the Liedertafel town  choir of Vöcklabruck + the town choir of Gmunden, organ music + Andyman (Andreas Kurz + Andi Haidecker)
- 16.30: Walk to the regional music school

4th movement: FINALE from 17:00 - 22:00
- Earthly finale/cloud of song in the park of the regional muisc school  with all of the choirs present under the direction of Eva Leitner; programme: Locus iste, Du bist wie eine Blume,
Der Abendhimmel and - in commemoration of the 150th anniversary of Franz Stelzhamer's death - "A lustige Eicht"
- From 5.30 pm, various jazz ensembles from the Vöcklabruck State Music School play in the hall of the State Music School
- Culinary delights will be provided by various clubs in the park of the music school (Goldhauben, Stadtmusik, Siebenbürger, etc.)

The event will take place in all kinds of weather - in the event of bad weather, the opening will take place in the town hall of Vöcklabruck.

Town of Vöcklabruck in cooperation with Kultur und Freizeit GmbH and the Brucknerbund Vöcklabruck

Town square 4840 Vöcklabruck Details & Tickets

This device combines organ playing and an ensemble of adapted  playground equipment in a move to create a collective musical instrument in a public space. Different organ pipes are operated by swinging them and bobbing them up and down - this creates an acoustic space in the organ playground that makes Anton Bruckner audible and tangible in both an abstract and playful way.
The SCHORGEL will be set up in various Bruckner-related locations in 2024.

The SCHORGEL is coming to Vöcklabruck!
The organ playground can be experienced as part of the: Bruckner-walk (VöcklaBRUCKNERfest 2024)

Accessible for those with impaired mobility!

A project of the Upper Austrian KulturEXPO Anton Bruckner 2024 with the kind support of the Federal Ministry for Arts, Culture, the Civil Service and Sport.

Studio Clemens Bauder | Idea, concept, realisation

Dr.-Alois-Scherer-Straße 9 4840 Vöcklabruck
Logo of the Federal Ministry of Arts, Culture, Civil Service and Sport

David Wagner is collecting audio donations of short motifs from the 9 Bruckner symphonies on video from the residents of the streets, alleys, paths and squares throughout Upper Austria once frequented by Bruckner. He is using them to create a 9-minute compilation of footage that depicts a representative cross-section of Bruckner's creative symphonic work. He has the support of a randomly generated cross-section of the population from the entire state of Upper-Austria.

In this way 72 short videos are produced. The actual "performance" is filmed as is the journey itself, making contact with the people, the rehearsals and various "making of" scenes. These are then edited to make a film which also lasts for around 9 minutes.

Just like Anton Bruckner, David Wagner navigates his way through the countryside without the need for an engine. With a velocipede as his means of transport, he reaches all of the 72 stations on his Bruckner Road Tour without generating any CO2 thus ensuring that the spirit of Bruckner, which still hovers above the land above the River Enns, remains undisturbed by  pollutants .

David Wagner is also happy to have fellow cyclists along for the ride, who make one or two of the 1,500 kilometers through Upper Austria easier for him.

→ Meeting point at 14.00 in the church park
→ March together to Dr.-Anton-Bruckner-Straße
→ Recordings at 2.30 p.m. in Dr.-Anton-Bruckner-Straße

Accessible for those with impaired mobility:
Tour: not barrier-free!

A project of the Upper Austrian KulturEXPO Anton Bruckner 2024

David Wagner

Brucknerstrasse 4840 Vöcklabruck Details & Tickets

In honour of the 200th anniversary of Anton Bruckner's birth, the entire town of Vöcklabruck will be the setting for a colourful festival on 1 and 2 June, 2024 - the VöcklaBRUCKNERfest 2024.

On 2 June, 2024, the Vöcklabruck City Orchestra will conclude the VöcklaBRUCKNERfest with a matinee and Bruckner's 6th Symphony in A major. From 8.30 there will be the opportunity for a Licht&i-BRUCKNER breakfast in the foyer of the town hall.

Anton Bruckner (1824-1896): Symphony No. 6 in A major
1st movement: Maestoso
2nd movement: Adagio. Very ceremonious
3rd movement: Scherzo. Not fast
4th movement: Finale. Moving, but not too fast

Symphony No. 6 in A major was completed by Anton Bruckner in 1879 and parts of it were very controversial. The very first performances were therefore often played in shortened and altered versions.
The first print was in part severely flawed and so no critical editions of the work were available for a long time. In fact it was over 50 years before Paul van Kempen performed the original version for the first time in Dresden in 1935. The 6th Symphony opens the series of the great, late symphonic works. It is as a whole lighter and more cheerful and is neither longer nor more complicated in structure than the 5th Symphony. The logic in the development of the themes is admirable; despite their contrasting nature, they are related to one another. This artful interweaving of the themes through combinatorial-motivic work creates a spiritual unity in this work in terms of the context of its movements, which marks a newly accomplished level in Bruckner's mastery in an impressive manner.

Ticket sales offline:
Vöcklabruck Tourist Office
Graben 8, 4840 Vöcklabruck
Phone: +43 (0) 7672 / 266 44
Opening hours: Mon to Fri: 8.30 - 12.30, Mon/Thur/Thur: 14.00 - 16.00

Ticket sales at the box office:
The box office opens one hour before the start of the event.

Town of Vöcklabruck in cooperation with Kultur und Freizeit GmbH and the Brucknerbund Vöcklabruck

David Pennetzdorfer | Conductor

Orchestra of the town of Vöcklabruck

Town square 22a 4840 Vöcklabruck Details & Tickets

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